Amman Bombings: One Year Later

Friday, November 10, 2006

One year after the ignominious and tragic hotel bombings in Amman, the quality of Jordanian citizens and their leader, King Abdullah, has been revealed.

I remember the variety of emotions that I felt in the aftermath of World Trade Center attacks in 2001. I can sympathize with the feelings of hurt, anguish, confusion and betrayal felt by Jordanians after hearing that their country and their people had been attacked. It is during these times of turbulent emotion where a man’s mettle is measured, for better or for worse. Jordanians have proved to be courageous and determined people who will stand together against injustice, not repaying a wrong with another wrong, but willing to make things right against pressure to perform otherwise.

I commend King Abdullah for his steadfast leadership in the wake of the tragedy. The King reiterated his pride in Jordan’s citizens, and I hold his statements in high regard.
Jordanians are great people, who, in the courageous stand, demonstrated coherence and utter keenness on the country’s security and stability. [The bombings] strengthened Jordanian solidarity and will to fight all forms of terror. The challenges facing us, regardless of their magnitude, will never send us off-course. [source: The Jordan Times, November 10]


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