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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm really not sure what this is supposed to accomplish, but since Roba tossed out the challenge, I figured I'd answer the call and test this blog to determine the readability of the content.

Turns out that I score a 9.10 in the Gunning-Fog Index. What does that mean? Apparently my blog's readability is somewhere higher than Reader's Digest or most novels, and slightly under Time or Newsweek magazines. According to the website, the Gunning-Fog Index measures "how many years of schooling it would take someone to understand the content. The lower the number, the more understandable the content will be to your visitors".

Fog IndexResources
6TV guides, The Bible, Mark Twain
8Reader's Digest
8 - 10Most popular novels
10Time, Newsweek
11Wall Street Journal
14The Times, The Guardian
15 - 20Academic papers
Over 20Only government sites can get away with this, because you can't ignore them
Over 30The government is covering something up

It's not a bad score, I suppose. I'll consider it complimentary that I scored lower than Wall Street Journal, as anything above it (including the Journal itself) tends to be boring geek drivel that can reduce a reader to babbling madness.

I am a little more encouraged by my Flesch Reading Ease score, which is a 69.74. According to the website, "the higher the score, the easier it is to understand the document. Authors are encouraged to aim for a score of approximately 60 to 70". Bingo.


Anonymous wael said...

i got 77.24 in Flesch Reading Ease
hehehe although am a bad English writer

11/02/2006 1:17 PM  
Blogger Jad said...

6.27 and growing heh

11/02/2006 10:49 PM  
Anonymous dragonsvamp said...

i got a little higher than six i think...if i remember correctly. but is this flesch reading ease on the same site? if it is then imust of missed it or something...

11/03/2006 5:03 AM  

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