Should I, or Should I Not?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I received this very tempting offer in my e-mail. My spam filter flagged it as a junk suspect. I can't imagine why. The subject line of the e-mail is "VERRY URGENT".
Dear Sir

Best compliments of the day. I Need your help I have a sum of $10.5M (USD)dollar I want to invest It here in Dubai but I don't know anybody here to assist me. I am Mr. Eric Martins the son of retired General in the Republic of Congo army and I need protection so if you can handle such a huge sum of investment please get back to me and again if you are really want to assist me please I have to tell you this we need to meet and discuses how to bring this money out for the airport here I am now in Dubai.

and I am afraid I never discuss this matter with anybody because this is my first time to come to this country and when I come here I saw too much black peoples here I hope that I am not going to have any problem if I am doing this with you I have to put all my trust on you please contact me through my private email,i will take you like my brother here now and I don't know any where here and i dont have any number now to reach me so contact me with my email address my private Regards,

Mr. Eric Martins

If any of you folks in Dubai want to take him up on the offer, feel free to follow up using the e-mail provided.


Anonymous Luai said...

How about you "play along" and blog about what come of your adventure! :-)

4/17/2007 5:56 PM  
Anonymous th14 said...

ah the 419 scam

check this website out pretty funny things they managed to get the scammers to do

4/17/2007 6:39 PM  
Blogger kinzi said...

Gosh, Dave, thanks for passing on this INCREDIBLE tip! What luck he found you!:)

4/17/2007 8:40 PM  
Blogger Bashar said...

im recieving dozens of emails like that, it is so annoying, ppl from guinia, borkina fast and south africa, they are all telling me that i won the lottery .WOW .. am i that lucky to win 100000000 zillion of dollars ....

guinia, borkina fast and south africa wait for me .. coz im coming to get MY money :)

4/18/2007 10:14 AM  

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