Mission: Impossible III

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mission: Impossible III movie poster
I just got back from watching Mission: Impossible III and I have only two words on the tip of my tongue: IN-TENSE!

The movie opens up with non-stop action and rocks your socks off all the way to the end. Given that the first movie was pretty good, and the second was even better, this third installment had some large shoes to fill. Fortunately it delivers in spades.

The action is full throttle. In the back of your mind, you know that it is unrealistic, but if it weren’t impossible, it would not be worthy of this movie. The script is tight with some laugh-out-loud dialogue thrown in to lighten the mood during the white knuckle moments. All of the actors did an excellent job, and despite the fast paced feel of the movie, the story line is easy to follow.

Kudos to director J.J. Abrams on his first directing gig. Paramount displayed a lot of confidence when they tossed this 1.something million dollar blockbuster in his lap, even with a dossier of popular movie screenplays and television series creations under his belt.

I tried to use my dashingly good looking Tom Cruise looks to get into the theater for free, but the cinema staff didn’t buy it and I was forced to pay the regular admission of 5 Dinars. Haven’t these people ever heard of matinee pricing?

I stumbled across the following aptly-summed up review of the movie:
Action thy name is Mission: Impossible III. From that perspective this film strikes an almost flawless balance. The world created is a glittering gem exploding around us, but we believe. The villain is an evil blight we know nothing about, but we don't care, we know pestilence when we see it. The hero is impossibly determined, but we love him for it.
Too true.


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