It's Not Enough To Just Cover Them Up

Thursday, May 18, 2006

X-Ray Glasses
According to Saudi's King Abdullah, it's not enough to cover all of his women so that they resemble black ghosts, but now it is necessary to remove them from society all together.

Ok, perhaps he hasn't implied removing them completely from society, but what happens next? If the very sight of an ounce skin makes Saudi men horny, then the next logical step is to remove the temptation (because blaming the men for their dirty minds is out of the question).

I’d like to know what the thought process is behind this. Do Saudi men look at a woman’s wrists and start undressing her with their eyes? “I wonder what she looks like under that burkha? Hubba hubba!”


Blogger Basem said...


I find it hard to swallow the dogmatized, self-righteous & unappreciative-of-others -can’t help but stress- "American" sense of pride you usually exhibit in your posts & commentary throughout the Jordanian blogsphere, however under the premise of benefit of doubt, here are my thoughts:

Contemporary Saudi is an anthropological zoo where decades of superimposed, largely unpopular & closely-observed doctrines stemming from a nomadic heritage (though Islamic-ally influenced) with the twist of excessive wealth; have resulted in a situation where contradictions becomes the norm over here, and folks observing such media takes on some aspects of life in Saudi should be more considerate -providing they’re sincere- in order to comprehend the taste of such unique stew!

The society here is utterly segregated in terms of genders, from schools, public places, private ones & down to family joints & gatherings, but at the same time, almost 100% of Saudi households own satellite television, and if you happen to watch the swarm of Arabic satellite channels (mostly soft yet shy porn) it’ll be a no-brainer to figure out that the targeted audience is largely the lucrative Saudi one! So No, Saudi men don’t get turned on because of a female face or an inch of bare arm is published on the daily papers, though sales may be boosted if an Indian actress is on the cover of the English dailies!

Me humbly thinks that they're trying to preserve the sedating illusion of a decent conservative society regardless of what lies beneath, it has nothing to do with the people themselves, they’ve probably watched more porn than most of us did in a life time.

5/20/2006 11:09 AM  
Blogger Dave said...


My intention wasn't to offend Saudi men (or women, for that matter). Perhaps I should have worded my statement as follows: "If the king thinks that the very sight of an ounce skin makes Saudi men horny..."

As for your first paragraph, you would deprive me of my American pride (however dogmatic and self-righteous, as you claim)? I don't bereave you of your Saudi pride, and you have every right to speak up for yourself and your country.

I know there is an ample amount of critiquing of America and its politics floating around the Jordanian blogosphere. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and the wonderful thing about this medium is that it allows us the opportunity to comment on those things that catch our attention.

5/20/2006 1:04 PM  
Blogger Jano said...

Its really strange :S
you can know the reaction of saudi men when they go out of saudi arabia, its like a prisoner for his first time to see the light after 20 years or so, or maybe his good tasty food after that long time in prison..
but if things were normal, im not saying bitches everywhere or it really has to be showful, but a balance! and it all grows at home.. kids should be well educated about everything...

5/20/2006 4:03 PM  

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