Steve Jobs' Lost Marketing Ploy

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple iPhone
Steve, Steve...what's wrong with you? You mentioned that it's an iPod, a phone, and a breakthrough internet device. You mentioned that it has a built-in accelerometer, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. But the one thing you forgot to mention, the one thing that would have pathetic geeks scrambling to cough up $499 (or $599), is this: it has a chick magnet built into it.

And of course I want one.


Blogger Firas said...

And of course I want one.
Are you referring to the phone or the chick?

I'm confused, why do you need an accelerometer and a proximity sensor in a cellphone?Just to give you the STARTREK feeling or what? I think it would be useful for construction workers, but geeks?
Ambient light sensor? Oh oh lets find the optimal configuration to know exactly where to put the Plasma tv in the setting room. Actually that would be helpful, but it seems Steve wanted to cram up as many "useful" gadgets as possible....oooooh a light sensor, here's my $500

1/12/2007 6:55 AM  

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