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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I was talking with some of the Jordan bloggers at the last meet-up and the topic of stock photography came up, specifically the lack of good stock photography of Arabs and Arabia. What we've ended up with, as a result, is a bunch of happy, white people utilizing the services of Arab Bank – or at least that is what we are being led to believe based on the new ads. Any good photographers want to start tackling this issue? Do a good enough job and you could have a monopoly.

A month ago, I wanted to see Spider-Man 3 on opening night, but between the usual websites displaying incorrect movie times and the insane traffic issues in Amman, I wasn't able to get tickets for 3 days. I finally ended up at a matinée on a Saturday afternoon. So why is it that the Arab world doesn't have a service like Fandango? Wouldn't it be nice to have reliable movie times, as well as the ability to purchase tickets online and pick them up when you arrive at the theater? Not only would this be great for movie watchers, but I'm sure theaters would be willing to pay commissions for every ticket purchased online through such a service. Perhaps this is a job for someone like tootCorp. I think it would 10-times more successful than 7iber.


Anonymous Adel said...

visit w2go.com/Cinemas.php

6/13/2007 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Luai said...

I'm buying tickets online and printing them at home for sporting events....no waiting or searching for Will Call when I get to the stadium. We do have to pay a convenience fee of $3.25 per ticket, but it sure is worth it.

6/14/2007 12:25 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Ah, but w2go.com is showing the following movies are playing at Zara's Grand Cinemas: Spider-Man 3, The Reaping, Norbit, Shooter and The Hitcher. In reality, the following movies are playing: Shrek the Third, Ocean's Thirteen, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Wicker Man and Shooter. Since only 1 of 5 (20%) of their movies listed are correct, I don't think I'll be trusting them for my movie information any time soon.

6/14/2007 8:09 AM  
Blogger Saned! said...

The thing is, Jordanian companies are not willing to employ people for such "silly" things [in their opinion]. But believe me, Century cinemas are much better than the one and only cinema in New Haven. I promise.

6/14/2007 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dave the play 99.6 website is the best in terms of accuracy so just go there if u want to go to century cinema.

6/14/2007 11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'american in jordan'... u r such a negative person looking at jordan as half empty... i'm jd and i live in africa and am lucky to have internet!!! we have no cinemas where i'm from and have to buy pirated movies while in traffic cuz if i wanted to order a movie from london or american i have to w8 weeks or even months before they arrive... oh and another thing is we have no proper gyms, no malls, no cafes and i just turned 16 on june 14 but could not go out and party cuz white ppl in my area were being KIDNAPPED!!! we go to school or shops (not stores) praying that we are not the next targets... even if we wanted to leave the country we cant cuz there have been no flyts for the past week!!! one of my igcses days was in the british council (its usually in skul) and we had pple runnin round the whole place firing bullets into the air... the day b4 yesterday we heard gunshot 4 bout 5 mins near my house!!! i am moving to amman (INSHALLAH) and am excited about it but u manage to make me think twice... maybe i shud go to cyprus... i dunno... u live in jordan... is it really that bad now...

6/26/2007 11:45 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Anonymous #2, it sounds like you're living in the wrong place. And I'm not sure how my post on furthering entrepreneurial ideas gives you the idea that I'm looking at the glass half full.

6/26/2007 2:10 PM  
Anonymous Ahmad Humeid said...

tootCorp is listening.. ;-)

I think there will be critical mass for such online services in Jordan soon..

It always amazes me how weak the Jordanian e-commerce sector is. But I also know about all the roadblocks (payment infrastructure, low internet penetration and last but not least the laziness of our private sector).

7/22/2007 11:59 PM  

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