And the Littering Violotions Just Keep Climbing

Monday, June 11, 2007

Video cameras captures some 3,869 environmental violations in the capital last month, according to the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM). The majority of the offenses were in the Madina Munawarah district at 845, followed by Zahran district (707), Marka (391), Tlaa Al Ali (358), and Abdali (347). Sweileh recorded the least number of violations (10) followed by Tareq area (23). In early 2007, GAM, in cooperation with the Public Security Department, equipped 16 vehicles with video cameras to monitor harmful emissions, littering and traffic violations on the capital's streets.
I am so supportive of this initiative, it's not even funny. I think that the GAM should equip another 20-30 vehicles with video cameras to more effectively target offenders. Perhaps the revenue generated from litterers and polluting vehicles would be sufficient enough to persuade the government to lower the insanely high tax rate!

Source: The Jordan Times, Tuesday, June 7, 2007


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