"Water Is Everyone's Business"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Demographic changes and migrations have created an imbalance between available water resources and demand, Minister of Water and Irrigation Thafer Alem said...in his remarks at the opening session of a regional forum on local water governance entitled "Water is everybody's business."
Perhaps these "imbalances between available water resources and demand" are the reason the water pressure has been screwed up in western Jabal Amman since they started construction on 4th Circle over a year ago. Or maybe they are the reason that, for the past two weeks, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation has supplied less than 24 hours of water rationing to the same area.

Talk is cheap. If water is everybody's business, they'd better start looking into the areas where they are short-changing their customers.

Source: The Jordan Times, Thursday, June 7, 2007


Blogger antiZionist said...

Water resources is political issue in Jordan,for different reasons the government does not want to engage the public in solving water shortage,
As you know ,Israel has been stealing the Jordan river water for the last 50 years,and we let them do that to us because of the so called peace treaty,which I call surrendering treaty.

6/18/2007 5:08 AM  

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