Indiana Jones for the Weekend...Without the Action

Monday, April 30, 2007

What does one do with a 3-day holiday weekend? Go digging in the dirt, of course! I just returned from a couple of days working with an archaeologist friend down in Shobak. My friend specializes in Iron Age pottery and is working in a number of Edomite sites just north of Petra.

The weather was perfect. The Bedouin hospitality was fantastic. (On a side note, Bedouin tea beats Ammani tea any day of the week.) And to top it off, we dug up some really cool stuff. We found tons of pottery, including a number of really nice, significant pieces. We also uncovered a number of bones, some coal (for radio carbon dating), a bunch of seeds (great for dating because they only have a lifespan of 1 year), a piece of leather with a hair attached to it, and a pile of fossilized clams and mussels.

Now how do you suppose clams and mussels arrived in the middle of the desert at 1,220 meters above sea level?


Anonymous kinzi said...

THAT sound like fun!

4/30/2007 8:46 PM  
Blogger Jad said...

duuuuuuudeeeeeee, this post doesn't work without some pics!

4/30/2007 11:07 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Ok, Jad...I've added a picture just for you.

5/01/2007 9:25 AM  
Anonymous Shaden said...

I second what Kinzi's said! awesome!

5/01/2007 10:11 PM  
Blogger Firas said...

Finders keepers?

Pottery? What happened to being cool and looking for the sweet sweet gold?

Anyways, I hope that if you find something of historical value that you turn it in to the Department of , just make sure you give it to a smart person there (not too many).

Good stuff.

5/02/2007 10:15 PM  
Blogger Dave said...


Not to worry; my friend has a Department of Antiquities representative present at the site each day.

5/02/2007 10:22 PM  
Blogger Firas said...

Tsk Tsk tsk, shame on you guys.

Okay, 50% and I won't tell?

5/03/2007 2:49 AM  

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