Fight the Heat: Plant Trees

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The city of Sacramento, California is planting trees to help fight global warming. Officials of Sacramento's “shade crusade” have planted 375,000 shade trees over the past 16 years with plans to plant at least 4 million more.

American federal research has shown that carefully planted trees can lower summertime temperatures in cities, significantly reduce air-conditioning bills and trap greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

So the question is this: why can’t we pull it together in Jordan to plant more trees? And why are money-hungry developers allowed to bulldoze trees in order to construct rows of claustrophobic concrete buildings?

I love living in Jabal Amman simply because of the amount of trees that are still standing. When it comes to excess foliage, however, the rest of the city is a disaster. And those lousy little trees that the government plants in the middle of the sidewalk aren’t helping.


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